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Quebec Chocolate Challenge

Quebec Chocolate ChallengeNote: this article was written for the January 2011 issue of Program Jewels. Since then, Quebec has reissued the challenge and brought out a new crest.

Who doesn‘t love chocolate? With Valentines Day falling right in the middle of the month, February is a fabulous time to celebrate chocolate!

The Quebec Chocolate Challenge was issued in 2004.

All branches must do A or B and up to 9 challenges below.

Sparks must complete 3 other challenges, Brownies 5, Guides 7, PF and Rangers 9.

A. Build a Chocolate Timeline.

Chocolate has been around a long time. Learn about the history of chocolate and how it first came to North America. Then create a timeline showing the important dates in Chocolate history. (


B. Do Some Chocolate Geography.

Learn about how beans become chocolate. Using a world map locate where cacao beans are grown. Where is most chocolate processed and consumed? What journey does the cacao bean undergo from picking to ending up as a bar of chocolate. (

Additional challenges:

1. Play a Kim’s Game. Cut 10 different chocolate bars into pieces. How many different kinds of bars can you identify by looking at the cross sections.

2. What is fair trade chocolate? Which companies produce it? Compare the cost of a bar of fair trade chocolate with other well-known bars of an equivalent size.

3. Become a Chocolate Tester. Hold a chocolate tasting event. What is the difference in taste between ―bitter, semi-sweet and sweet‖ and ―milk, dark and white chocolate‖? Which do you like best?

4. Find chocolate facts. There are many myths and misconceptions about chocolate. Research 3 of the following: chocolate and acne, antioxidants, caffeine, cravings, tooth decay, nutrients, weight control, or cocoa butter. (

5. Create a Chocolate Tree. Using candy bar wrappers create a chocolate tree. Compare the nutritional information on the wrappers. Which have the most and least calories? Why? Organize the wrappers to reflect their nutritional qualities.

6. Share a chocolate recipe. Bring in your favourite recipes involving chocolate and share it with your friends. Put together a cookbook for your unit.

7. Be Daring. Make instant chocolate pudding together, then finger-paint with it.

8. Chocolate as money. Explain that a long time ago, a group of people used cacao beans as money. Have the girls pretend that Canada will be using M&M‘s for money. Discuss the good points and the bad points.

9. Do a survey. Keep a record of all the chocolate you eat over a week. Compare your results with the other girls in your unit. What brands and varieties of chocolate are the most popular?

10. Make sweets. Make a selection of sweets using melted chocolate. Work out how much they cost to make and compare this with similar store bought chocolate.

11. Make a chocolate dessert. Bring it in and share it with your unit. Check out the following recipe websites:

12. Make a chocolate craft. Check out the following websites for making a craft out of chocolate.

13. Examine different cookies. Buy several different brands of chocolate chip cookies. Challenge the girls to estimate how many chips are in different cookies, then take them apart like an archeologist does, and find out how many are really there. You may find out how the cookies are alike or different.

14. Create chocolate drama. Have the girls create funny chocolate stories or skits.

  1. The Day it Rained Chocolate
  2. What will I do? I‘m locked in a candy store
  3. This is so weird! I took a bite of my _____ and……
  4. A giant chocolate bar came up to me and started crying saying…..
  5. One morning, I woke up and had a bad case of chocolate fever/chocolate sniffles/chocolate pops.
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