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February Program Ideas

February is Heart month! If you haven‘t already done so, it‘s time to get active and start a lifelong fight against heart disease. Why not check out the
Newfoundland and Labrador Fit For Life challenge this month? There
are three different colours of crests available for this challenge from the Newfoundland and Labrador council at a cost of $0.70 each.

Feb 14-20 is Random Acts of Kindness week – a great time to provide service while experiencing the joy of passing along kindness. Can‘t decide
what to do? Find many kindness ideas online.

Of course, we won‘t forget Guide – Scout week, Feb 20-27 with Thinking Day on Feb 22. Some fun dates this month are:

Feb3: Chinese New Year. If you didn‘t do Zoe‘s Trek Around the World – China challenge last month, you could work on it this week. Or have a Chinese New Year celebration where you could make Chinese lanterns and fans (which you could use while singing the Chinese Fan song). Practice using chopsticks by playing a fun chopsticks game then tasting a variety of Chinese foods, such as rice, spring rolls and Chinese tea. There are a wide selection of traditional Chinese games you could play, then end the meeting by giving each girl some ―lucky money‖ (a foil- wrapped chocolate coin) inside a special envelope.

Feb 11: Be Electrific Day. February 11 was the birthday of Thomas Edison and this day is dedicated to honour him and recognize his electrical inventions, including the light bulb.

Not only can we celebrate these inventions, but we can also discover the electricity of our own bodies – by skating across the carpet and creating some static electricity.

Some meeting ideas for this special day include trying a light bulb science experiment, comparing incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs, and playing some flashlight games.

Feb 14: Library Lovers Day. Have you taken your girls on a field trip to the library, yet? You would be amazed at how many girls have never visited their public library! There are amazing resources for them at the library. Contact your local library to set up a field trip date – include a tour of the facilities followed by story time. Maybe you can get them to also allow for a story-related craft while you‘re there!

Feb 20: Love Your Pet Day. Have a pet themed meeting. Bring photos of pets in to the meeting and allow the girls to share stories about their pets. Have a special guest speaker come in from the local SPCA or rescue society to talk about pet care and pet first aid. Play pet games, then make a pet puppet for everyone to take home with them.

Feb 27: Academy Awards Night. Provide the girls with VIP passes to attend the meeting, and have them come in fancy clothing. Hang twinkle lights up within your meeting space and have a leader act as the paparazzi taking lots of photos. Make scrapbook albums to insert pictures from the evening into. Serve popcorn and play Hollywood games.

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