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Cooperative Drawing

Source: GGC, Ontario Council, Program Resources Section

Number of people that can participate: unlimited
Time required: any length of time
Terrain: indoor

Supplies needed:

  • Large chart paper (with enough pages so each girl has her own)
  • Markers-one per girl
  • Timer


  1. Let the unit choose a topic (i.e. snowfall fun, what I‟d do with $1 million, my dream room, etc). If the girls can‟t decide on a theme, write ideas on slips of paper and draw from a hat.
  2. Give each girl a piece of paper and let her choose a marker.
  3. Allow the girls to have a set amount of time to draw, explaining that they will not have time to finish the drawing.
  4. When time is up, the girls put their drawings down and go and sit in front of another piece of paper. Give them a set time to continue the drawing someone else started.
  5. Have them respond to what the previous person has drawn. This will eliminate duplication of drawings.
  6. The girls keep rotating around the papers, adding something to each drawing.
  7. At the end, you can do the following with the drawings:
    1. Have the girls present the last drawing they end up with and describe it.
    2. Use the drawings to spark a creative writing or story-telling session.
    3. Describe how the drawing is related to the theme of the day.

Adaptation for Special Needs: Stress creative drawing, and the fact that we all draw in different ways. For younger girls, take the time to show them different artwork to emphasize that all drawing types can be great!

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