Camp Tillicum Rates

Rates for Girl Guides of Canada Members

Please note! Rates have updated as of September 2023.
If using the camp lodge for the majority of a day, but also sleeping over, the cost is the $5 per person (for the day) plus $10 per person (for the night) for a total of $15 per person
e.g. arriving Fri night and staying until 5 pm on Sat
or arriving at 10 am on the Sat and leaving Sun at 10 am.
  • fees are per day/night
  • $100 non-refundable deposit due within two weeks of online booking


  Min. fee Per person
Overnight use (3 PM first day to 11 AM on last day) Building usage $150.00 $10 per person
Tenting only (no building access) $100.00 $8 per person
Single Day Use Inside $100.00 $5 per person
Outside only $50.00 $4 per person
Use during snow season – minimum increased for any length of stay due to required ploughing of snow for access. Any area $300.00 as above


Rates for Members of the Public (not Girl Guides)

  • $100 per day non-refundable deposit due within two weeks of confirmation of dates
  • $250 security deposit in addition to the booking deposit. This will be returned if the camp is left in satisfactory condition
  • Maximum 100 people.
  Min. fee Calculated fee
Per day/night (3 PM first day to 11 AM on last day) $300.00 per day/night*

$200 per day/night + $5 per person per day/night

RVs (maximum 5) $25 each per stay (above the minimum fee)

* The total fee per day/night depends on the number of people; i.e. 20 people or less is $300 per day/night. More than 20 people, the fee is calculated (i.e. 30 people is $200 +$5×30 people = $350 per day/night)