Camp Arbuckle FAQ

Where can I see photos of Camp Arbuckle?

On the main Camp Arbuckle page.

When can Girl Guides of Canada members book Camp Arbuckle?

Our two supporting districts are Layer Cake Mountain and Sunvalley Orchards. As of November 1st, Guiders in LCM and SVO are able to book March 1 – June 30 camps. Those weekends are held for the respective districts until January 20. When booking forms and deposits are received, the bookings will be confirmed. If the weekends are not booked (i.e. forms & payment not received) by January 20, all unbooked weekends will be made available to other Guiding districts wishing to book the camp.

For Girl Guides members to request a booking date, please use our online booking form. Bookings start at 8:00 AM on the first day of booking – May 1 at 8:00 AM and November 1 at 8:00 AM. Booking requests sent prior to 8:00 AM on May 1 or November 1 will not be considered.

How do Girl Guides of Canada members book Camp Arbuckle?

For Girl Guides members to request a booking date, please use our online booking form.

What are the rental rates?

Rates can be found on our rates page.

When can members of the public book Camp Arbuckle for the summer?

Public bookings for Camp Arbuckle begin Feb 1st of the year being booked. Unfortunately earlier booking requests are not accepted. Click here for summer bookings.

What is required when booking?

A completed booking form along with a deposit of $100 per day/night and damage deposit of $250 at the time of booking.

What is required for public rentals?

Public bookings require the booking and security deposits (see rates page)

License Agreement: A License Agreement for the use of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada Facilities (the blank agreement will be provided at the time of booking)

It is important that you review each section in its entirety as you are responsible for understanding and agreeing to all provisions in the Agreement. Please initial the bottom of each page; be sure to sign the last page to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms set out in the Agreement; and returned the entire signed document.

Insurance: Proof of liability insurance coverage (“Certificate of Insurance”) that must contain the following clauses:

  • Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada listed as “Additional Insured”;
  • Cross Liability Clause; and
  • 30 day notice of cancellation (see Section 8 in License Agreement for additional details)
  • Evidence of Personal Liability coverage for family rental
  • A Certificate of Insurance adding Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada as an additional insured for organization or corporate rentals.
  • A limit of $2,000,000 is required if no alcohol is to be consumed, and
  • a minimum of $5,000,000 is required if consumption of alcohol is permitted.
  • A copy of Host Liquor Liability coverage, if applicable OR
  • A copy of Proprietor Liquor Liability coverage, if alcohol being sold

How secure is a public booking?

Please also note that if the camp the is needed for Guiding purposes on the dates requested the booking can be cancelled up to 2 months before the requested date.