Camp Arbuckle GGC Booking

This form is for members of Girl Guides of Canada to request a booking at Camp Arbuckle for use by Girl Guide groups. If you are not a member of Girl Guides, please do not use this form.

Bookings for the supporting districts of Layer Cake Mountain (LCM) and Sunvalley Orchards (SVO) start at 8:00 AM May 1 for the fall/winter season of Sept 16th though Feb 28th and at 8:00 AM on November 1st for the spring/summer season of March 1st through Sept 15th.

Districts outside of LCM and SVO can book for the fall/winter season beginning July 20th and for the spring/summer season beginning Jan 21st.

Booking requests sent prior to 8:00 AM on the start dates will not be considered.

All fields in the following form are required.

Please confirm availability (see calendar) prior to sending the booking request.

See Camp Arbuckle Rates.