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Faux Fossils

Supplies needed:

  • Natural objects, such as shells, acorns or pinecones
  • Modeling clay
  • Waxed paper
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Container for mixing


  1. For each “fossilized” item, place a large ball of clay on a waxed paper and flatten it into a thick circle.
  2. Make an impression in the clay by gently pressing in the object and then removing it.
  3. Prepare some plaster of Paris according to the package directions so that it has a smooth but thick consistency.
  4. Spoon the plaster into each impression, thoroughly filling it in.
  5. Let the plaster dry completely (about 30 to 60 minutes), then peel away the clay to reveal the fossil.

Puff Paint Recipe

This fun paint mix recipe will actually dry on the paper “puffy”.

Supplies needed:

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Tempera Paint
  • Squeeze bottles


Mix equal amounts of flour, salt and water (ie. 1/2 cup of each). Add liquid tempera paint for coloring. Pour mixture into squeeze bottles and paint away. When the mixture dries, it will become puffy.

January Program Ideas

Did you know that January is National Get Organized month? Why not encourage your Brownies to do their “My Space” or “No More Mess” interest badges this month?

January 5 – 9 is Women’s Self Empowerment week – a great time to fit the “Girl Empower” national challenge into your first meeting of the new year.

January 24 – 28 is No Name Calling Week – the “Girls United” national challenge would fit perfectly here.

Some fun dates this month are:

Jan 13: Rubber Duckie day. A duck themed meeting would be fun for Sparks: play duck – duck – goose , make a “ squeaky duck ”, sing “ Six Little Ducks”, hide a rubber duck somewhere in the meeting space and see if they can find it, make duck feet and have a waddle race… there are lots of fun ideas for this theme! How does this fit with the program? The Exploring and Experimenting keeper has an animal component, and a duck theme would work here (you don’t need to do exactly what the book says!)

Jan 16: Appreciate a Dragon day. What a perfect time to start working on the “Zoe’s Trek Around the World” national challenge! Zoe’s first stop is in Beijing, China, and activities in the challenge could include: perform a dragon dance with your unit for the active option, your creative option could be to make a Chinese Dragon craft, and read “ The Four Dragons ” folk tale as your cultural option. This would cover part of the World Around Me Spark keeper, part of the Brownie Keys to the Arts and to My Community. Guides – Beyond You: Discover Your Community, Discovering You: Discover Your Creativity.

Jan 17: Kid Inventors day . Science themed meetings are always a lot of fun. Why not check out the “Science in a Box” kit, available from your District Commissioner.

Jan 24: Global Belly Laugh day. Did you know that even just looking forward to having a good laugh can boost your immune system and reduce stress? Plan a meeting with lots of jokes, fun games and silly songs. Get your heart rate up while playing and laughing. Fulfill parts of the Spark Being Healthy keeper, the Brownie Key to Active Living and the Guide Discovering You: Staying Fit and Healthy badge.

Jan 31: Inspire Your Heart with Art day. Plan a field trip to your local Art Gallery or museum. Have an artist visit your meeting. Go on a public art scavenger hunt. Try a type of art that you have never tried before. Food sustains you as a human. Art inspires you to be divine. Take time to appreciate art!

Snowflake Ball Toolkit

princessWhat is more magical than having a ballroom full of Sparks and Brownies all dressed to the nines arriving for a wonderful Snowflake ball? With this toolkit, soon to be posted to the BC Girl Guides website, you can plan the ball and see all of the sparkle and twinkle take place. Inside you will find activities, games, crafts, songs, food and crest ideas to plan your own Snowflake Ball.

The event is basically an indoor winter day camp for Sparks and Brownies and is best held on a weekend during a four hour time frame. Some of the activities include an indoor snowball fight (with soft sock snowballs), building an ice palace using sugar cubes, ribbon dancing, making magic fairy wands and crowns, and, of course, a free dance time.

The girls are guaranteed to have a magical time at the ball, which will create a special memory for them. We learned that Pathfinders in Vancouver wish that they were still in Brownies so that they, too, could return to the Snowflake Ball.

Girls for Safer Communities

GFSCGirl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada‟s Girls for Safer Communities project aims to increase awareness about the safety concerns of girls and women while mobilizing girls to become leaders in their communities. Pathfinders and Rangers will be trained to lead younger girls in conducting safety audits. Girls will go on to work with members of their community to make recommendations and create action plans that will improve community safety for everyone.

The Girls for Safer Communities Challenge seeks to empower girls to feel and be safer by having the girls themselves identify safety concerns in their communities. They do this by participating in safety audit walkabouts of their neighbourhoods, identifying their main concerns and working together to develop an action plan. Pathfinders and Rangers will have the opportunity to be Safety Audit Leaders and lead younger girls in assessing safety in the community.

A person is truly “safe” when she is free from the threat, fear and experience of all kinds of violence, oppression and discrimination. For this reason, safety audits can address many different issues that affect how safe people feel in an area, namely:

  • physical features (i.e. lighting, cleanliness, properly maintained roads)
  • social environment (i.e. people‟s attitudes, behaviours and actions)

The main focus of this Safety Challenge will be on the safety within physical environments.

Girl Guide Challenges from Across Canada

Did you know that you can work on challenges not just from BC and National? You can do ANY Girl Guide challenge in Canada! Prior to working on the challenge, however, it is strongly recommended that you contact the Province to determine crest availability, costs and shipping.

To find National challenges, log into Member Zone , select “Program Resources” at the top and “ Girl Programs ”.

The provincial challenges can be found on their websites.

Recipe Book for Fun & Successful Meetings

recipebookIn celebration of 100 years of Girl Guides in Canada, the BC Program Committee has published a “Recipe Book” of ideas for Guiders. Enough booklets were distributed to the District Commissioners at the fall Area Meeting for every unit in Monashee Area to receive a copy of it. Inside you will find over 100 tips and hints, crafts and game ideas, recipe ideas, themes for meetings, sleepovers and camps. You are welcome to make additional copies of the booklet to share with your co – Guiders, and a copy has also be posted on the BC website. Take time to read through the ideas in this booklet – I’m sure you can find something new and useful in there!