Units in Monashee Area

(updated January 2018)

Layer Cake Mountain – Lake Country and eastern portion of Kelowna

1st Black Mountain Sparks
1st Black Mountain Brownies
1st Black Mountain Guides
1st Lake Country Guides
1st Lake Country Pathfinders
1st Layer Cake Mt Guides
1st Springdell Sparks
1st Springdell Brownies
1st Springdell Pathfinders
1st Winfield Sparks
2nd Winfield Brownies
1st Winfield Rangers

Mountain Ridge – Lavington, Lumby and Cherryville

1st Lumby Sparks
1st Lumby Brownies
1st Lumby Guides
1st Mountain Ridge Pathfinders
Mountain Ridge Rangers

Naitaka – West Kelowna and Peachland

1st Cooinda Pathfinders
1st Lakeview Sparks
1st Naitaka Sparks
1st Naitaka Brownies
1st Naitaka Guides
1st Naitaka Pathfinders
1st Naitaka Rangers
1st Peachland Sparks
1st Peachland Brownies
1st Peachland Guides
1st Shannon Lake Pathfinders
1st Westbank Sparks
1st Westbank Brownies
2nd Naitaka Sparks
2nd Naitaka Brownies
3rd Naitaka Brownies
3rd Naitaka Guides
4th Naitaka Guides
5th Naitaka Guides

Revelstoke – Revelstoke

1st Revelstoke Sparks
1st Revelstoke Guides
1st Revelstoke Pathfinders
1st Revelstoke Rangers
2nd Revelstoke Brownies

South 5 – Summerland, Penticton, Okanagan Falls, Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos, Princeton

1st Coyote Hills Guides
1st Naramata Guiding Unit
1st Princeton Sparks
1st Penticton Brownies
1st Penticton Pathfinders
1st Penticton Rangers
1st Princeton Brownies
1st Princeton Guides
1st Skaha Lake Sparks
1st South Okanagan Royales Guiding Unit
1st Summerland Sparks
1st Summerland Pathfinders
1st Summerland Rangers
1st Summerland Trex Unit
2nd Summerland Guides
3rd Peach Orchard Sparks
3rd Summerland Brownies
5th Penticton Brownies
10th Penticton Brownies
South Monashee Area Trex Unit

Sunvalley Orchards – northwest and southern portions of Kelowna

1st Brandt’s Creek Sparks
1st Brandt’s Creek Guides
1st Creekside Orchards Brownies
1st Creekside Orchards Guides
1st Creekside Orchards Pathfinders
1st Knox Mountain Guides
1st Knox Mountain Pathfinders
1st Knox Mountain Rangers
1st Sunvalley Orchard Sparks
1st Sunvalley Orchards Brownies
1st Sunvalley Orchard Guides
1st Sunvalley Orchards Rangers
2nd Creekside Orchards Brownies
2nd Creekside Orchards Guides
2nd Knox Mountain Sparks
2nd Knox Mountain Brownies
2nd Sunvalley Orchards Brownies
2nd Sunvalley Orchards Guides
3rd Creekside Orchards Brownies
3rd Sunvalley Orchards Brownies
3rd Sunvalley Orchards Guides

Vernon – Vernon

1st B.X. Brownies
1st Vernon Sparks
1st Vernon Guides
1st Vernon Pathfinders
1st Vernon Pathfinder/Rangers
2nd Vernon Brownies
2nd Vernon Guides
3rd Vernon Sparks

Wa’ya Spirit – Armstrong, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Sorrento

1st Armstrong Sparks
1st Armstrong Brownies
1st Armstrong Guides
1st Salmon Arm Sparks
1st Salmon Arm Brownies
1st Salmon Arm Rangers
1st South Shuswap Sparks
1st South Shuswap Brownies
1st South Shuswap Guides
1st South Shuswap Pathfinders
2nd Salmon Arm Pathfinders
3rd Salmon Arm Guides