Trefoil Guilds

Trefoil Guilds in Monashee Area

(updated June 2023)

All Trefoil Guilds are based at an area level. The district(s) listed next to each Guild represent the district where most of the members live. If you are interested in more information or how to join one of the guilds, please use our “contact us” form.

Blue Genes Trefoil Guild – Wa’ya Spirit
Moonlighters Trefoil Guild – Naitaka
1st Lake Country Trefoil Guild – Layer Cake Mountaint
Okanagan Gems Trefoil Guild – Layer Cake Mountain & Sunvalley Orchards
Silver Star Trefoil Guild – Vernon & Layer Cake Mountain
Silver Tips Trefoil Guild – Layer Cake Mountain & Sunvalley Orchards
South Okanagan Trefoil Guild – South 5
Sparkling Spirits Trefoil Guild – Layer Cake Mountain & Sunvalley Orchards & Naitaka
Tillicum Trefoil Guild – Vernon & Wa’ya Spirit
Valley Vines Trefoil Guild – Naitaka