Area Challenges & Award

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Monashee Area Top Ten Music Challenge – 2018

Monashee Top Ten Music Challenge – 2018

Top Ten Music ChallengeWe have two lists of “top 10” songs for you to learn and sing with your units: one for Sparks & Brownies, and another for Guides & older. (note: crest colour will vary – shown is the original crest colour, now out of stock).



 Monashee Area Heart to Heart Community Challenge

Heart to Heart Challenge (pdf)

Heart to Heart ChallengeProvince-wide, all of Guiding was asked to have our members interact more with the public in our local communities.

Many of us already do service projects that have a positive impact on our communities. Our goal is to try something new, or to take what you are already doing to a new level of connection within the community.

We have 6 parts to our challenge, and each section features a crest that can be earned separately. Please think outside the box and feel free to substitute activities as long as the substitutions are age appropriate and sufficiently challenging for the level of girls involved to meet the spirit of the objective.

Spirit of Monashee Award

This is an amazing opportunity to highlight a Member and to honour an adult registered Member of Girl Guides of Canada ‐ Guides du Canada in the Monashee Area.

Criteria Eligibility:

  1. The Guider must have been involved in one or more aspects of Guiding over the years.
  2. The Guider has made significant contributions to Girl Guides of Canada ‐ Guides du Canada in Monashee Area and/or her community, which have created a positive impact on Guiding within Monashee Area.
  3. This award can be for her service given as: A Unit Guider, Administrator, Trainer, Mentor, Adviser or other Guiding position.
  4. This Guider has gone out of her way to make Guiding a wonderful experience for all Monashee Members.


Two letters of support from Guiders, girls or community members.

Approval Process:

Approval from the Area Commissioner in consultation with the Area Awards Committee.

Presentation by the Monashee Area Commissioner or designate.